Hello, I'm James!

I am an experienced 3D Technical Artist and Web Developer with a passion for game design and interactive experiences. I worked for over 7 months developing XR applications for Booz Allen Hamilton and their DoD clients, and I have over 1 year's experience working on payed freelance contracts for 2D graphics, 3D animations, and web development projects. I'm skilled in creating optimized 3D assets. I actively work in both Unity and Unreal. I have written editor tools for Unity, themes for Wordpress, addons for Blender, built REST APIs, and developed multiple web applications that make use of third party APIs. These include Amazon Polly, Cloudinary, Redmine, Binance's Crypto Exchange, and others. I'm proficient in Node.js, C#, Python, Java, C++, CSS3, HTML5, and other programming languages and web development frameworks. I am well-versed with source control, including Plastic, Perforce, and Git in both a game and web development enviroment. I am studying Visualization and minoring in Computer Science at Texas A&M University and I am graduating in May of 2019.

Graphic Design

Design is a fundamental part of my skill set. As a freelance artist, I create logos, branding, and promotional materials for my clients's buisnesses. Understanding the clients product and how to convey its value in a visual form is what I do best.


3D Asset Creation

I have a broad 3D skill set in asset creation that spans modeling, rigging, texturing, particles effects, simualtions, and shader creation. The software packages that I work in are Blender, Maya, Substance Painter, World Machine, and Photoscan.



With a background in Computer Science, I have recieved an in depth understanding of some of the more abstract principles of programming, such as language implementation, data structures, polymorphic design, concurrency, and generics.